# of Oink's (Max 10):


    The Oink's are having a Barbecue!!

    9,001 Oink's are invited to a barbecue on the Ethereum blockchain, but with limited capacity! Each Oink is uniquely and algorithmically generated from over a million possibilities, with over 200 traits and are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The Oink's are also, of course, steroid and hormone free.

    Why a barbecue? Barbecuing is an absolute favourite pastime in Oinksville, but this particular barbecue is going to be a little different. On (August 16th) 9,001 Oink's will gather and be available for adoption of epic proportions for 0.04Ξ in order to attend the grande Backyard BBQ!


    “Oink's... farming... BBQ?”

    Our development team is working really hard on getting a yield farming coin up and running with an interactive way to farm them, as soon as possible! Your Oinks will be your entry pass for farming daily coins to exchange prizes, liquidate and other features to do with the Oinks! The rarer your Oink is, the more it will yield in the near future!


    About the BBQ

    The idea of Oink's Backyard Barbecue is driven by the simple idea of unity and community within the NFT space (asides being a dope profile pic). Our first big goal is to develop a community exclusive platform that would payout our members in fun, interactive, creative, yet competitive ways. Oink's will have the opportunity every day to attend the BBQ to rake in $OINK tokens to be spent for other NFTs and physical items... but spots are limited daily!



    Visit Discord for more info!

    9,001 Oink's NFTs about to pig out at the Backyard BBQ on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Oink unique generated with a pool of over 200 traits, acting as an entry pass for the Backyard BBQ!

    Each Oink will be mintable at 0.04Ξ. No bundle discounts nor bonding curves.

    There are 2 things you need to get started. First, a Metamask wallet - which can be created at https://metamask.io - Make sure you write your seed phrase down and keep it in a safe place! Second, you’ll need enough ETH to cover the cost of minting and gas. During minting, you can check gas prices at https://gasnow.org. This will help you with deciding how much gas you should spend at that given moment for your Oinks.

    9,001 Oinks are randomly generated from over 200 traits spread across a number of attributes. Each Oink is tested with code to ensure no two Oinks are the same. Once minted, each Oink will be stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Minting is scheduled to take place in 2 waves. First one being on Monday, Aug 16th, 2021 at 6PM EST, for 24 hours. Anything unsold will resume on Saturday, Aug 21st at 6:30PM EST. 8900 for sale, 9001 collection total.

    To avoid potential gas wars with another project at 6:30PM.

    We thought the first date was too rushed for a full release, as we just went public on Aug 13th. Instead of completely changing the date to next week, we want to let everyone have a 24 hour minting window and be able to grab an Oink (or two) who was ready to do so on Aug 16th @ 6:30PM, and close on Aug 17th @ 6:30PM EST. This upcoming week will be for giveaways for Oink holders from the first wave of sales, and hopefully distribute owners and get our names out there a little more throughout the week via secondary. We will also be distributing many more Oinks throughout the week to hopefully increase unique wallet holders by the time of the final sale.

    You can purchase up to 10 Oink's at once, once minting is live. Unlimited to mint, but 10 per transaction.

    There are a total of 13 special edition one-of-one Oinks in the collection. They will be randomly thrown into the pool during the minting process. Good Luck! We will also be giving one away on discord! For more details see the milestones!

    Oinks will be revealed as they are minted! All unrevealed will reveal at 7PM EST on Aug 16th!

    These cute Oinks mainly act as a profile picture. Holders will also benefit from future community events/giveaways, access to merch, airdrop(s) by same artist, access to the BBQ clubhouse to generate $OINKS, full and personal non commercial rights to do whatever you'd like with your Oink... and more!

    The first 101 Oink's will be pre-minted before public mint.

    No! We have been working hard for the past 2 months planning and putting this together. The team is a group of friends who share a common interest in NFTs. All our dedication post-launch will be put towards this project and none other.